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Why Buy Latex Gloves Online?

Disposable latex gloves have long been used as a standard of protection across a wide range of industries and in a multitude of applications where hand protection from chemicals, contaminants, toxins or pathogens is a risk.

Common in household, sanitation, food processing, healthcare, dental, child care and industrial settings, latex gloves offer an excellent level of protection and performance.

What is Latex?

Extracted from the ‘rubber tree’ (known scientifically as Hevea Brasilensis), latex is a natural rubber material used in a wide variety of applications. Latex’s use as a natural material for glove production has been dated back to the 1800s, making it one of the oldest and most battle-tested materials used in disposable glove manufacturing today.

Used in the production of tires, condoms, surgical equipment, and yes, gloves, this naturally elastic material offers several advantages for the wearer.

Benefits of Disposable Latex Gloves

There is a reason why latex ranks among the most popular varieties of disposable gloves used in everything from home and commercial applications, to medical and industrial settings.

What makes latex so great? It’s natural properties make it ideal for comfort and protection from a wide range of hazards including but not limited to pathogens, biohazards, and chemicals.

Fit, Feel and Dexterity 

One of the most praised qualities of latex is its natural ability to conform to the hand of the wearer, forming a tight seal and preventing the introduction of outside air or contaminants from getting in.

This tighter fit also enables the wearer to better perform tasks requiring a greater degree of precision and dexterity, reducing the chance of slippage or miscalculations. Adding to this is the level of responsiveness and feel achieved with latex, giving the wearer a greater sense of response and sensory feedback from items touched.

An Impressive Degree of Protection

In some situations, latex may offer a greater degree of protection from various hazards. When compared against vinyl gloves, latex has been shown to offer a higher resistance to rips, tears and punctures. Part of this quality is derived from latex’s natural elasticity, allowing for a certain level of stretching before losing its integrity.


Despite the snug fit of disposable latex gloves, they remain one of the most comfortable options on the market, providing a good balance of durability and dexterity with fit and feel.

Natural Resistance to Chemicals 

Latex rubber is naturally resistant to some chemicals, including types of detergents, cleaning products and more. This makes them an ideal companion for lab work and industrial applications as well as janitorial and sterilization work at home or in the office.