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Where to Buy at Home Covid Test Kits

 Have you ever wondered where you can get an at-home COVID test? Wish there was a place that could help you select the best at home covid test, but not sure where you can find it. 

You’re not alone. Not by a longshot.

From individuals to businesses and organizations, at home COVID test kits have become an incredible tool for fast, accurate, discreet, convenient and cost-effectively identifying infection.

If you’ve been uncertain of how to buy at-home rapid covid test, or where to buy at home covid test kits, we’re here to help.


Buy Rapid COVID Test – the search for how to buy an at-home rapid COVID test is over

DMB Supply carries industry-leading protective wear, medical supplies and at home rapid COVID tests in bulk that provide results in just 15 minutes.

BinaxNow COVID-19 Antigen Self Test

  • Each kit comes with not one, but TWO at home tests
  • In just 15 minutes you’ll have a clear and easy to read result
  • Tests may be taken 36 hours apart
  • One simple nasal swap can give you the peace of mind you need or the proof required for returning to work, attending an event, or going back to school


Why Choose an At Home Covid Test Kit?

Despite significant efforts to thwart the spread of this sometimes deadly viral infection, the death toll as reported by the CDC has recently hit a staggering 800,000 in the USA alone, and over 5.32 million deaths worldwide.

With the Delta variant in full swing, and the Omicron variant close on its heels, the ongoing need for accurate, rapid testing is higher than ever before.  

Why are More People Opting to Take At Home Covid Test Kits


Why do so many people chosen an At-Home Covid Test Kit? What makes them so popular recently? 


  1. Time Efficient and Convenient

Anyone who has tried to buy a covid test or sign up for covid testing at a testing site knows just how frustrating it can be to find an opening for an appointment, adjusting their schedule only to find that they have to wait for HOURS on end in a waiting room with sick patients, or in line for hours outside of a clinic.

Similarly, for the busy individual, getting to the next available clinic can be troublesome. That's why so many prefer to buy their at home covid test online, giving them the autonomy to choose when and where they self-administer the test, all without having to rearrange schedules, or figure out transportation to and from a testing site.

  1. Safety and Reduced Exposure 


The last thing you feel like doing when feeling under the weather is standing around waiting in an uncomfortable environment. And if you’re not feeling ill but simply need a test for work, you certainly don’t want to be stuck in a room waiting with other potentially infected individuals who could spread it to you.

  1. Comfort and Control

COVID tests ‘in office’ have been notoriously uncomfortable, especially the nasal tests. At home covid tests enable consumers to get tested in the comfort of their own homes, giving them control over their own health, wellbeing and monitoring.

  1. Fast and Reliable

Businesses and organizations the world over are taking COVID seriously, many of which have mandates and protocols in place for testing, proof of negative tests, and more. Most big events now require vaccination cards and/or recent proof of a negative test for admission. Schools and universities are following suit.

At home COVID tests are fast as well as reliable, enabling the individual to get tested at any time, anywhere they need to.
The rapid response tests we sell give results in just 15 short minutes

  1. Accurate Diagnosis

At DMB Supply we know just how important it is to have a COVID-19 test you can rely on. That’s why we sell BinaxNow COVID-19 Antigen Self-Test. 

Buy Your Rapid COVID Test Today – at DMB Supply

Since before the pandemic swept the world, DMB Supply proudly supplied personal protective wear, medical supplies and more for organizations, businesses and medical practitioners around the world.

Today, they are proud to continue that tradition, helping keep its customers and the public safe. Those interested in buying a rapid covid test can do so online from the safety and convenience of their own home, without a doctor’s prescription.

Need bulk? We offer bulk and wholesale rates for those 500+ tests, and can supply thousands to larger organizations in need.

In stock and ready to ship, we can have your at home test kit in the mail by next day (sent via UPS).