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Why Buy Vinyl Gloves Online?

Although latex and nitrile are often the superior option when it comes to disposable gloves, there are situations where vinyl may very well be the preferred material for the task at hand.

Made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), you may already be familiar with this material in the context of plumbing applications. When mixed with plasticizers, this rigid hard material transforms into a pliable soft vinyl commonly used in medical and industrial applications dating back to the 1990s.

Heralded for it’s versatility and affordability, vinyl disposable gloves offer a lot of value for their modest price tag.

Capable Material

Although not as durable as the alternatives, when exceptional puncture resistance is not a top priority (such as in hospitality or the food business), vinyl offers adequate protection without breaking the bank.

Good Alternative to Those with Allergies

Latex is a fairly common allergy that can range in severity for it’s users. As such, even in places where latex gloves are the preferred option, alternatives such as vinyl or nitrile are typically made available for those who are unable to wear latex

Loose, Comfortable Fit

Vinyl offers a looser, more comfortable fit than the alternatives. Many wearers find this to be easier to cope with over long periods of time, with the looser fit allowing for greater ventilation and cooling.

Perfect for Non-Hazardous Applications

Due to it’s versatility and moderate protective capabilities, as well as its affordability, vinyl disposable gloves are often the preferred choice for businesses and organizations whose employees and staff work with non-hazardous materials.

For example, the food and hospitality industry, where the use of gloves is common and staff routinely go through boxes of them, is an ideal use case for vinyl. Similarly, office and home cleaning and well as janitorial services and salons often opt for vinyl as the preferred glove of choice.

Vinyl gloves are often used for:

  • Light hospital procedures with no risk of contamination 
  • Food industry
  • Home uses such as cleaning
  • Light grooming procedures
  • To handle items an individual may be allergic to
  • As an alternative to latex or nitrile