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Wholesale N95 Masks

Shipped the next day from New York, DMB is the leading provider of CDC, FDA and NIOSH certified Wholesale N95 masks.

FDA – CDC – NOISH Certified 

In a post COVID world and an ongoing pandemic, no one is more concerned about the health and safety of you, your staff, and the general public than DMB supply.

Clinical studies and epidemiological research has consistently proven that N95 masks are the leading preventative measure people can take to protect themselves and others from respiratory infections, including COVID-19.

Make sure your people are never without the protection they need to protect themselves and those around them. 

Call or message today and connect with affordable Wholesale N95 Masks and N95 Mask Manufacturers capable of handling any volume you need.

N95 Masks in Bulk
Reliable. Fast. Shipped From the USA. 

Ideal for large scale operations, organizations, businesses, hospitals, clinics, schools, restaurants and more, wholesale N95 masks offer the best in protection, combined with reliability, efficiency, and affordability.

FDA, CDC and NIOSH certified, our wholesale N95 masks are made from the highest quality materials under the highest standards of production, ensuring superior protection over other brands.

Each set of masks comes carefully packed to arrive in perfect condition on site, shipped from New York to the client’s destination with rapid delivery options available.

Mask fit is a key priority and critical for providing maximum protection from particulates and pathogens. Yet ordering various sizes for differing body types and sizes can be a logistical nightmare, not to mention expensive. Our wholesale N95 masks are uniquely designed to be a ‘one size fits’ most platform, capable of accommodating virtually any wearer and providing a snug fit that is easily removable and highly durable.

Wholesale N95 Mask Manufacturers

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Wholesale N95 Mask General Description 

Our wholesale N95 masks are protective respirators engineered from several layers of non-woven fabrics, including polypropylene and other fabrics designed to aid in filtration and trapping particulates, preventing them from entering the respiratory system.

Outward protective layers cover both the inside and outside shell of the masks, using spun bonding that consists of melted thermoplastic polymer threads layered to between 15-35 micrometers.

This layer culminates in a cloth layer with fibers bonded utilizing mechanical, thermal or chemical techniques.

The outermost layer of our wholesale N95 masks ranges between 20 and 50 g/m2 in density. This outermost layer acts as an additional barrier to exhalations of the wearer as well as from the environmental air.

A pre-filtration layer is often incorporated between the spun-bonded layers, ranging in density up to 250 g/ m2, followed by a filtration layer. This layer is typically non-woven, with fibers hooked together to achieve a desired level of cohesiveness. Thermally bonded plastic fibers add to the thickness and rigidity of the mask, enabling the manufacturer to mold the desired final shape for an optimal fit.

The final layer of the wholesale N95 mask is usually made from polarized or high-efficiency melt-blown electret non-woven material. This layer is the layer that is the determining factor in the mask’s filtration efficiency factor. Fibers in this layer are less than a micron wide, building up upon each other and bonded as they cool. Some models feature thermally-bonded melt-blown fabric in this layer to add additional abrasion resistance and strength.

Types of Bulk N95 Masks Available
PHG N95 Particulate Respirator

Made in the USA, this particulate respirator is NIOSH approved N95 up to at least 95% filtration efficiency against solids and non-oil aerosols.  Not only that, it is on the CDC’s own list of approved masks.

Featuring a flat folded design for space-saving, comfortable cloth head straps, and a padded nose area, this mask’s soft molded shell design offers superior comfort and protection, while the metal nosepiece can be pinched to form a tight seal.

Wholesale N95 Mask Use Cases

Wholesale N95 masks are used as a removable air-purifying and filtering respirator, ideal for those in high-risk populations and settings such as clinics, hospitals, schools, government offices, entertainment venues, hospitality, and large gatherings.

These masks are intended to reduce the spread of infectious respiratory diseases such as coronavirus and influenza.

Bulk N95 Mask Functions

The N95 respirator’s uniquely non-woven material and fabric layering is ideal for filtering out particulates. When particles enter the fabric, they become trapped in the maze of micro twists and turns of the material’s dense network of fibers.

Originally developed for use in various industrial applications, the N95 has since become the gold standard in clinical settings.

CDC Guidelines on N95 Usage

The CDC advises that the use of N95 masks is a reliable and efficient step to further prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne pathogens, reducing the spread of respiratory droplets. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, all individuals should wear masks at gatherings, events, and in any public setting where other people are around.

The use of masks is not mandated on all forms of public transportation including but not limited to planes, buses and railways, as well as inside of airports and train stations.

How Many Bulk N95 Masks Do I Need?

The number of bulk masks you’ll need is highly subject to the type of use they will be exposed to as well as the number of individuals using them. According to the CDC, research has demonstrated that N95 masks can be effective for up to 8 hours or more of continual use.

However, there are certain circumstances under which replacement of the mask is suggested.

According to the CDC Masks Need to Be Replaced When The Mask:

  • Loses its form or fit
  • Has been taken off and in contact with contaminated surfaces or air
  • Was used in close contact with an individual with symptoms or who has tested positive for COVID
  • Was used in an area where a confirmed case of COVID was recently reported
  • Has been touched by hands prior to sanitization 
  • Is damaged 
  • Has become difficult to breathe through 
  • Following contact with aerosols or aerosol-generating procedures
  • Is contaminated with bodily secretions
  • Has reached its lifespan according to manufacturer guidelines 

Wholesale N95 Masks: the PPE you can’t afford to be without 

With the emergence of new strains and mutations, and the growing threat of yet another surge in COVID, businesses, schools, hospitals, venues and more are all doing their part to be part of the solution, not the problem.

CDC, FDA and NOISH certified wholesale N95 masks from DMB Supply is the answer. We can quickly get your teams, personnel, students, or clinicians outfitted with the right protective gear they need to do their jobs and keep themselves and others safe.

We work directly with leading manufacturers and distributors of N95 masks to bring you the highest quality products at affordable and fair price points that enable you to ensure everyone has the masks they need.